Saturday, 14 June 2014


 It's almost Summer! we are a few days from the first day of Summer and that makes me sad... For a lot of people, Summer is amazing but for me it isn't.

 Personally, Summer is not very "cool", I don't like hot and sun and beach. Some people think that is a little weird I don't like Summer but I really don't care! I don't like Summer just because I don't want to be like everyone, it's true that i don't like to be like others and I like being unique in some things! Summer, for me, is that time of the year where we can't do anything because is too HOT!
 In Lisbon, Portugal, where i live, almost every Summer is over 28ºC and sometimes more... All right is a great weather if we're going to the beach but I don't like beach, unless the water that is where I am since I arrive till I leave the beach. But beyond the beach, what else can we do? Hiking? Go for a walk with dogs? A walk on the bike? No! It's too hot! TOO HOT!
 Most of the Summer I'm at home wachting Tv, on the laptop, or playing playstation 3. I only leave my house in the morning (7am, when is less heat ) for a walk and that's all.
 I understand that most of the human beings love Summer and that's fine for me, i don't care but don't come saying that you can't live without Summer because that I don't understand, sorry.
 Anyway, here it is my small opinion about Summer and just for the record my favourite season is Winter!


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