Saturday, 21 June 2014


 I know that can be a weird subject to approach in a blog but I have to express how much I love tea!
 From a young age I started drink tea, every time of the year, whether is Summer or Winter.
 I only like tea when is hot, don't like cold tea even on Summer, no way! 
 Is a little uncomfortable on Summer of course, is 30ºC outside and I'm drinking hot tea.
 I'm cray-cray, haha!

 To me, tea is really relaxing and brings me to a very calm state of mind.
 When I'm a little stressed with school or with other things, I just drink some tea and everything is alright again.
 I like every type of tea and I didn't find one that I don't like. 
 Can't wait for find one!
 When people say that they don't like tea, I start thinking about it because it's a little confusing to me...

 But anyway, I love and that is what really matters!


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