Tuesday, 29 July 2014

This Week

 How is everyone??
 Well, since I don't know what to post, I will talk about wat I've done this week.
 First thing: Beach, beach and more beach! I don't really like because is a lot of sun aand heat. Makes me feel weird, but I stay under the umbrella and everything is just fine! :)
 I've been watching my favourite series, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars, and some films.
 Now I'm going to my Godmother's house, be there for a few days with her and her family! I do love her, she's like my second mother, lovely and kind! I also love my mom, of course, but is different.
 Don't know what else I can say... So have a rest of good week and enjoy the simple things, because that ones are the best!
 Bye Xxx

made by me :)

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