Monday, 6 July 2015

Inferno - Dan Brown

Hello People!!
 As I promised here is my review of the book Inferno by Dan Brown. I'll start with a little summary and than explain what I loved or didn't love about this book.
so, first we have a prologue where someone decides to end his life. In my opinion is a very creepy way to start a boo but also a great way  "to glue" the reader.

 After the prologue, the story finally begins. Langdon (also known as professor Robert Langdon who teaches, at Harvard University, religious iconology and symbology), the main character, doesn't remember a thing about what happened about last night, while he realises he's at an hospital.
he explains it to the doctors in the room, including Doctor Sienna Brooks, mean while someone enters the hospital and tries to kill Langdon.
 With this, Sienna is forced to help Langdon to survive. Together, they will discover why Langdon doesn't remember anything from the day before, what the death of the anonymous character has to do with them, what secrets Sienna is hiding from Langdon and mostly important: why is so important Inferno by Dante Alighieri in this adventure.

 My rate for this book is 10/10. I believe Dan Brown is one of the most amazing writers in the world.
The way the words are put together, the way he writes, not giving to much information, always keeping something in the dark, it makes you want to know more. And in my opinion the characters are very well built/made.
 I love how Dan Brown uses historical events to create a story. This way I see myself enjoying the book and, at the same time, learning about history.
So, if you like a romance, historical events, danger and puzzles, I think this is the right book for you!
If eventually you read it, tell me your thoughts about the book.

See you soon. Xx

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