Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back To Hogwarts!

Hello PotterHeads!

Today is a very important day for a lot of people! So if you're a muggle I believe is better for you to leave because you will not understand the excitement that us, wizards and witches, feel about this day.
As always, Hogwarts is a very welcoming place, a very nice place where we make friends, have adventures, take classes (and most of the time we hate it, because is boring...) but more than that is a place where we can call Home!

Is a place where we see the impossible became possible, where professors teaches us that magic should only be used for good, where they make competition between houses fun, where there's no place in earth that we wish we could be, where we can just call Home.

Because Home is where we feel good, happy, smiley, where we make friends, fall in love, where everywhere we look we can count on somebody.

These are the reasons that make us so excited to come back to Hogwarts, because we know we have complete freedom to be ourselves.

Hogwarts is Home!

ps: I know I repeat that Hogwarts is Home, but it truly is!

See you soon. Xx

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