Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Food is good for your skin

Hello Loves!
Today I bring something that I think is very useful to know: tricks of food to make your skin prettier!

Let's start with...

Strawberries: thanks to the antioxidants of the fruit, it allows your skin to look more shiny; it helps to take the dead skin and eliminates the pores.

Sunflower oil: helps to protect yout skin, also can eliminate acne.

Honey: treats the skin and helps deeper marks to disappear.

Tea: helps to prevent wrinkles and skin aging; increases circulation; apply it in your skin for 10 minutes and you'll feel the difference.

Orange: helps to improve your skin tone and also makes your face less oily.

Oatmeal: you can use as a scrub to remove dead cells.

Vinegar: removes the inflammations of your face.

I'll leave you with 7 type of food, but probably I will do more of this because I find them very useful and entertaining to discover!

See you soon. Xx

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