Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What's in my bag - Tag

Today I bring to you "what's in my bag" tag! I always love to see what people have in their bags since I'm a little nosey, haha.

Anyways, I've got two type of bags: one that I take every way when is a short trip and I'm not staying too long, the other is a bigger one where I take to big trips and where I'm gonna stay for a while.
First is my tiny black bag, I got it from Primark.

I always keep my phone, my MP5, my wallet and my left earphone (because the right one broke).

This second bag is more a backpack, I bought in Venice in those little street shops.

Here I always have a book, a notebook, a pencil case, my headphones, my phone, my earphone, my MP5. wallet and my brush.

 Hope you enjoy it to see "What's In My Bag"!
See you soon. Xx

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