Thursday, 10 December 2015

Best Boots Ever - Blogmas Day 10

Everytime I'm in a rush or want some that makes me look like I took some effort to look nice, I grab this boots. They're awesome!
I bought them about 2 weeks ago, or something around that.
They're from Stradivarius and were 35,95€, which I thought it was a little expensive but once I took time to look at them I understood the price, they very well made and very comfortable.
Sorry, they are a little dirty but I use them a lot, they extremely good and if you're thinking about buying something with heels and comfortable for any occasion I totally advice you to grab one pair!


Hope it was an helpful post!
See you soon. Xx


  1. Love the block heels. As long as they are comfy.. the price... pssshh lol

    1. Totally comfortable! That was the reason I "accepted" the price.