Saturday, 12 December 2015

Give A Little When You Have Too Much - Blogmas Day 11


 There is something that I have to share with the World.
 The other day I went to a store to buy my new laptop. 
While I was paying for it, the lady from the register asked me if I wanted to donate something for a charity project that the store was having.
  I thought for a second and then (thinking it was a very small amount of money) I said 5€ and she said that I was very sweet and kind for giving that amount of money. 
She also said, some people don't even give 0.20
 Like, are those people serious?! Is not for 20 cents that they're going to die!
 Even buying a coffee is way more expensive than that!
 I got speechless and didn't know what to say...

Is it to hard to help others? To give a little?
 A little for us it may be A LOT for others! There's no need to spend too much money or even spend money to help others.
 One day we may need help and, obviously, we want someone to give us "a little" of what they have.
 Is harmless to give and to receive.

 Please be kind to one another and the Universe will make sure to compensate you.

 Hope you are all great!

See you soon. Xx

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