Sunday, 6 December 2015

Love all Around the World - Blogmas Day 6

 Hello people!
 I was thinking about the things that are happening around the world and I felt like writing this.

 Christmas is not the only time where you should love, help and respect others. It's something you should do all around the year, I mean, all of your life.
 Love is what should make the world move and not Hate. Love people and let yourself be loved.
 Help others, you don’t have to give Money to people to help them. Sometimes just by buying a sandwich will make a huge difference.
 Respect is everything, that’s what makes you feel good at night before you fall asleep. You don’t have to love someone or hate someone, if you don’t like a person just ignore it.
 For me, respect is everything.

 Sorry if this was a weird post, but I needed to write this.

See you soon. Xx

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