Friday, 15 January 2016

A World Of Change


 Mmm... I don't really know why am I writing this... The true reason, maybe, is what I feel about us, humans, in this World, Universe.

 We are definitely special creatures, we can express ourselves in differents ways, by words, music, paint something, through dance..., more ways that other living forms can.

 Yet! We are so privileged to do this marvelous, spectacular, amazing things and look where we are...!

The World is changing. I don't believe that is for the good. We have done so much thing to this poor planet, to our Home.

 We have so much power in our hands to make this Home, the best Home EVER! We start to destroy
it with our greed, the only thing that matters was (and still is) money.

 Now, we have the technologies to help make things a little better. Does that make a lot of money? No. And maybe that is the reason things still bad.

 You know, I try my best to help in what I can: I recycle, I try not to waste to much water, every time I go with my dogs for a walk, I pick up their poops. You know, things like this. I do believe there is more people doing that but is not enough...

 Every day I think of news things that I can do. I just want to ask to whoever reads this, to actually do something, to start care, to take care of Earth like you take care of something that you love. 

 Please, do the same, make a Change. Make the Change in our World to be Good. 

See you soon. Xx

I found all the images On tumblr. All rights reserved to the 'owners'

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