Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Last Week Was Awesome

Last week I didn't post, I meant to but I didn't.
My best friend was coming to my city so we could spend time together! Me, her and another best friend.
I was too excited!!!

We all had a lot of fun. We went to shopping centers (mostly just to walk around, we didn't even bought anything), we saw two films, The Boy, which, for me, was a little of a disappointment but I still liked it, and The Forest, another disappointment (not what I expected)… we danced a lot, made our own video clips and cooked.
In the end was a great week. I am just sad because is over and she went to her home (far away from the city I live in) and I barely can't wait for the next reunion of the best friend squad(?)!

See you soon. Xx

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