Thursday, 5 May 2016

Taking My Wisdom Teeth Out

So, two Fridays ago I took my two wisdom teeth, top and bottom, from my left side. It was a funny experience, I have to admit.

I arrived the clinic, and the doctor called me to her office/place where the appointments are. I sat on the chair and she prepared everything. She adjusted the chair, so she could work better on taking my teeth out.

Then she picked up a needle and started to prick (I don't know if is this the right word) in a few places on my mouth, mostly close to wisdom teeth. I forgot to say, the needle had anesthesia inside...

I started to have a funny feeling on the left side of my mouth, or more, not feeling anything. It was very weird not feeling anything...

While the doctor was taking my teeth out, I didn't feel anything. It was a little difficult to take my bottom tooth... After the little surgery, I put ice on my face and took some prescripet pills. It hurt a little bit.

Well... The next three days were the worst, my face was very swollen.... It was horrible.
But now everything is good and life is great again!

Two weeks after I'm just waiting for the holes to close and that's all.

See you soon. Xx

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