Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Girl On The Train - Review

Today I'm going to give my opinion about 'The Girl On The Train' By Paula Hawkins.

The story is about a girl, named Rachel, that every days catches the train to London, where she works.

She enjoys to look at the window at the train and see the houses, but, there is this particular couple that she loves to look at: Jess and Jason. Fictional names that she gave them as well as a fictional life for them.

It happens, that, one day Rachel is taking the train again and looks at the window. She sees something diferent at Jess and Jason's house... And that's it! I'm don't want to spoil anything else for you!
Now, I would like to give my opinion about the book.

I liked how is written, is very simple and easy to understand, no difficult words. There was just a few words that I didn't appreciate, maybe, because I don't use them and I don't hear them every day, but in the end it wasn't a big problem.

Every page was very excited to go through, I never got bored with this book and I think that's what makes a book a good book.

Every character, in my opinion, is well created. One thing that I love in the book is the fact that every chapter is not really a chapter, is a point of view from the different characters of the book.

And is also written in a diary/journal form, where the date is on the top and the character does a summary of what happened that day or in another day. I feel that creates more mystery to the story. 

The only thing that I wanted the writer to do was to add one or more 'chapters' in the end, because I felt that was unfinished. Maybe was Paula Hawkins purpose.
In the end, I was very happy with my purchase, it was totally worth it. It was full of excitement, mystery, surprises and more. Definitely good!
I would rated 4.5/5.

See you soon. Xx

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